Portland: nationalist activists mourn one of their own, victim of "civil war"

Vancouver (United States) (AFP) - Close to the victim, families with children or sometimes armed activists, a few hundred people gathered on Saturday in a park near Portland to pay tribute to the memory of Aaron Danielson, a member of a nationalist small group killed a week earlier by a man claiming to be part of the anti-fascist movement.

For some participants, members of the small local extremist group Patriot Prayer to which the victim belonged, the drama confirms that America is plunged into a "civil war." And, as President Donald Trump repeats it over and over, that its traditional values are attacked by the ultra-left and anti-racist movements.

Aaron Danielson, 39, a member of a local far-right group, Patriot Prayer, was shot dead on Saturday in this large city in the northwest of the United States, where supporters of Donald Trump had come to challenge activists of the movement Black Lives Matter.

Suspected of the crime, Michael Reinoehl, 48, and accustomed to anti-racism protests for 100 days in Portland, died five days later when arrested by federal forces, he was in hiding about 200 km north of Portland and pulled out a gun upon seeing the police.

The circumstances of the death of Mr Danielson, nicknamed "Jay" by his friends, are still unclear and are under investigation.

But Michael Reinoehl had half-heartedly admitted a few hours earlier in an interview with Vice News to having killed Aaron Danielson.

"We are at the heart of a civil war between good and evil.The good is all the people you see here, the evil is the liberals who allow our cities to be destroyed by the + antifas +, + Black Lives Matter + or whatever name you give them, "said Dann, a chubby fifty-year-old who worked with the victim in Patriot Prayer.

Posted Date: 2020-10-09

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