In Afghanistan, those little girls saved by skateboarding

Afghanistan has the highest concentration of female skateboarders in the world, and it was skateboarder Oliver Percovich who created “Skateistan” in 2008, an NGO whose mission is to raise awareness among young Afghans – especially girls – about education through the sport of skateboarding. 12 years later, to support this movement, 7 renowned women photographers exhibit their images of female skateboarders as part of the “It’s her turn” campaign. Their goal? Their goal is to raise funds for the NGO by selling second-hand skateboards and equipment, to offer models to young people. For hundreds of underprivileged children, yes.and especially for little girls, often deprived of access to school.a path to emancipation and autonomy, guided by an NGO, “Skateistan”, founded by skateboarder Oliver Percovich.this Australian, who was seen in international competitions in the 1990s, left his country in 2007 for Kabul. His girlfriend found a job there, but he was bored. He started walking around the city on his skateboard and quickly became a kind of local celebrity among the street children who would like to try it out.Hence his idea to found Skateistan in 2008, an internationally recognized and award-winning NGO, which is the only organization combining skateboarding and academic achievement, apolitical and independent, open to all ethnicities, religions and social backgrounds. Born in Afghanistan, she then moved to Cambodia and South Africa, where she now has nearly 2,500 active students, half of whom are girls, against all odds. In these countries, the practice of sport is often complicated for girls.

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