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How can you prevent injuries during skating?

The lure of gliding on ice is hard to resist and it is but natural that you want to try to do a figure eight in the heat of the moment. While we agree that it is hard to negate the emotion, the euphoria, and the adrenaline rush during skating it is also a fact that these three factors mask rationality and can lead to injuries. Most casual ice skaters do not have any idea about the technique or the required measures to remain safe when on ice. So, before you embark on the skating journey it is better to be equipped with some do’s and don’ts to prevent any serious injury that can keep you away from the rink you love for a long time.


Skating is fun and we plan to keep the learning process that way. We are a non-profit organization with the sole goal of imparting skating knowledge in a professional yet enjoyable manner to all age groups. Our programs include classes on figure skating, speed skating, and summer hockey also to ensure that all your interests are met. We have recently introduced synchronized skating and theatre skating. We are located in the lush surroundings of Hauppauge, New York, easily accessible to one and all. We have two large spacious indoor ice skating rinks and an adjoining hall to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions; the hall has a capacity of 100 people. It overlooks the skating rinks so you don’t miss the fun while having fun! You can order delectable snacks, pizzas from Café Salisbury located near the reception.

Our instructors

We have a set of dedicated and certified professional instructors who are sensitive to the needs and drawbacks of each individual and help them progress at their own pace and comfort level. They adopt a variety of teaching techniques to keep the enthusiasm alive in the learners. All of our staff are highly experienced and have skated professionally.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is drawn by experienced figure skating instructors who have previously represented the state in various competitions and have won accolades. We believe the foundation of any sport must be strong and pay emphasis on getting the fundamentals right. So, whether you want to learn skating for fun or progress towards a more dedicated goal like the NHL or the Olympics we have you covered.

Our Core Values

We believe in providing equal opportunities to one and all and do not tolerate any kind of racism based on culture and ethnicity. We ensure that every individual who steps into the portals of our organization is treated with respect and dignity. Should you have more queries do not hesitate to contact us at 1800456789.